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Welcome To EonInvest
EonInvest, a United Kingdom Corporation (Company Number: 10697614), represents the elite concept in online investing. During the past year we studied the markets and have developed a comprehensive plan to utilize all the best investment opportunities. We have vetted the brokers and professional traders to act on behalf of our investors. We will maximize our investments by employing Commodities, Forex, and Crypto trading. These three areas of the investment spectrum are the most stable and the most rewarding investment opportunites. We will take short term and long term investements and exploit every opportunity as it arises to create the greatest returns for our investors. Our long term outlook is favorable to the short term mid-term and long term investors.
Success is waiting for you!
Commodities Trading
Our interest in the commodities trading arena is to provide stability and a hedge against inflation and erratic movements in the other indices. The strategy is to invest in Gold, Silver, Platimum and Oil. These stable invests provide a foundation for the rest of our trading activities. Historical metals and resources have been a benchmark of investment activities as they realize real value and are a tangible asset. The traders will use all investment options available, such as, mutual funds, direct stock purchases, long and short selling. Every opportunity needs to be examined to maximize profits to our investors. These investments have been a part of human wealth for centuries and will be an important part of ours as well.
Forex Trading
Forex is the exchange trading of Foreign Currencies such as the US Dollar, Euro, etc. Leveraged Forex trading buying power. We can utilize an investment to obtain a much larger profit margin. While this is a risky proposition at times, we will only utilize only professional trading firms with a proven track record. We will only trade in the most stable currencies to balance the risk, but with manageable risk comes lucrative profits. Forex trading is the back bone of investment strategy. It has been a very important wealth builder for decades.
Crypto Trading
Cryptocurrencies have been the the hot new investment opportunity this decade. These currencies are volatile but there are swings to the upsides and downsides which can be quite dramatic. These volatile swings are great opportunities to make substantial profit. Initially, there was Bitcoin but now there are many coins out there with very good potential. We will focus on the up and coming coins. The characteristics of the coin are very important and the trend indicates the coins that have anonymous qualities are the big winners. As with all our investments we will have more than one trading strategy. We will employ buy and hold, long and short trading. We will always employ hedges in order to protect the capital. Crypto Trading is the wave of the future and we will be part of that future.
Pay Plan
Commodities Plan
1% Daily for 200 Days
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Maximum Deposit
Forex Plan
2% Daily for 75 Days
Minimum Deposit
Maximum Deposit
Crypto Plan
3% Daily for 40 Days
Minimum Deposit
Maximum Deposit
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